BharataNatyam is my pathway to reach out to the world. Be it for children or serious minded dancers, as an artist, I try to impart the same set of values I have received from my guru. In the process of lecture demonstrations with organizations like IRCEN and SPICMACAY, I have got to see nooks and corners of my country. Curious eyed children who sometimes come to schools only to receive their mid-day meals have spent hours imitating “hastas” or “mudras” that I have told them.


In places like Tuli on the borderland of Assam and Nagaland, students have refused to acknowledge BharataNatyam as part of their culture. In Pauri, the other corner of our vast motherland I have stood in awe in front of the Himalaya range. It is here that I have faced the challenge of the ivory towers that surround an artist and understood how to deconstruct my art without diluting it. Similarly when facing even senior dancers by age in workshops conducted under aegis of Temple of Fine Arts, Malaysia or University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo, I have realized art has no boundaries, be it age, space or time.

Regular Classes

Days: Saturday & Sunday

Venue: Sangeet Shyamla

         11/6, Vasant Vihar,

          New Delhi

Time: 3 PM - 5 PM


  1. Salam Balak Trust, New Delhi

  2. IIT Roorkee, SPICMACAY Virasat

  3. Chidambaram Academy of Performing Arts, Bankura, West Bengal

  4. University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo, Sri Lanka

  5. Temple of Fine Arts, Malaysia

  6. Sriyam Institute of Indian Dance, Music and Culture; New Jersey, USA

  7. Sparsh studio; Kolkata, West Bengal


2011 - 2017


Workshop - Demonstrations


  1. Raipur; Chattisgarh

  2. Pauri-Garhwal & Dehradoon; Uttarakhand

  3. Kota, Ajmer, Chittorgarh, Bheelwara , Jodhpur; Rajasthan 

  4. Hosangabad, Itarsi, Rewa, Harda, Madhya Pradesh; 

  5. Assam

  6. Nagaland 

  7. Gujrat

  8. Kolkata, West Bengal


Lecture - Demonstration


  1. Murshidabad, West Bengal

  2. Sundargarh, Orissa

  3. Rohtak,  Haryana

  4. Jamnagar, Gujrat

  5. NCR and New Delhi

  6. Goa


Lecture - Demonstration


  1. NCR and New Delhi

  2. Udaipur